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Here at the clinic we want you to feel at home, from a warm welcome and complementary tea and coffee to a comforting footbath, then, a complete footcare treatment. 

Nails trimmed, filed and cleaned, hard skin and corns removed. If dressings/ paddings are needed we will provide them. If you wish to discuss a Biomechanical problem with your feet we can provide you with the relevant information regarding Orthotic insoles. 

Verruca treatments are priced in a different scale with the more treatments provided, the cheaper the treatment.  There are many different ways to treat verrucae and we can discuss the options with you.  We can tailor a programme to suit your needs.



Convenient town centre location
£5 Discount new customers (voucher in Yellow Pages or at tills in Superdrug)
• Loyalty card discount for regular treatments (excluding verruca treatments)
Rewards for referrals


My Guarantee to You:

"If you are not satisfied with your treatment, come back within 1 week for your FREE check-up"


Diabetics Welcome

Local anaesthesia - May be needed if you would like a partial or full nail avulsion.  The operation will be performed at a private clinic close to the town centre.  Treatment will include phenilisation (a chemical that destroys any potential regrowth of nail.)  The cost of the operation will include all follow up checks and

Laser treatment is available for soft tissue injuries such as Achilles Tendinitis.  Metatarsalgia or Arthritic conditions of the feet.  

Please note: In some circumstances of prolonged pain it may be beneficial to book a few treatments close together.


BioGun treatment - For use as a topical antiseptic, cleans the surface of the skin from fungal, bacterial and viral spores.

Klenz machine (as seen on Dragons Den) to sanitise shoes and socks from bacterial and fungal spores using nano silver technology.




Michael Rooks
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